A passion for innovation

We are a Swedish company with international operations and a worldwide reputation. Our business involves a wide range of different professions and personalities. What unites us is a passion for innovation and world-class technology. Together we build a successful company with a long term vision to perform at the highest level and therefore exceed our own and our customers' expectations.

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This is our culture

Öhlins Operating System, ÖOS, is the foundation of our business. ÖOS focuses on continuous improvement of our processes, where safety, quality, delivery and economy are the priorities.

Our common values are a part of ÖOS. They help us to shape our culture and to bring together the various units of the company. The values lead us to a continuous strive to:

  • always try to see possibilities

  • concentrate on solutions

  • show each other respect

  • be visionaries

  • dare to be the best

Join us!

“Skill has always been a key success factor for us. That is why we focus on recruiting people with high levels of capability and motivation. This has always been important to me personally.”

– Kenth Öhlin, founder

Our employees are important to us. No matter their position, their commitment is the reason for our success. We want our employees to feel motivated and involved. This is why you should join us:

  • A unique company

    Öhlins is a Swedish privately owned company with branch offices and subsidiaries in Asia, Europe and USA. We are one of the leading brands in our industry.

  • Long term commitment

    Because we have a long term commitment to our business, we have the ability to invest in innovation.

  • An inspiring place to work

    Our co-workers are motivated and have a strong momentum for their work.

Instrumentvägen 8-10
Upplands Vasby Stockholm

info@ohlins.se +46 (0) 8 590 025 00

700/937 Moo 5, Tambol NongKhaka, Amphur Phanthong,
20160 Chonburi province

asia@ohlins.com +66 (0) 38 212 291-6

Dagvindsgatan 10
652 22 Karlstad

info@ohlinsauto.se +46 (0) 54 68 88 80

Barrsätragatan 4D
556 26 Jonkoping

ces@ohlins.se +46 (0) 36 31 74 50

Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 25
D-53520 Meuspath

info.odtc@ohlins.se + 49 (0) 26 91 937 780

703-C South Grove Street
28792-4370 Hendersonville (North Carolina)

info@ohlinsusa.com +1 828 692 4525

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