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Ginny Nilsson

Group leader - Assembly – Operations

Ginny Nilsson works as a group leader in the assembly stage of products at Öhlins. Her group builds shock absorbers for motorcycles.

Tell us about your work

My daily work is obviously in the assembly itself but it's also about leading my group of 12 co-workers. Since I have a direct responsibility for my group I also handle development discussions and other employee related issues.

At Öhlins we put a lot of effort into improving our production systems, for example by using Lean Production. This is also an important part of my work.

What is it like to work at Öhlins?

I really enjoy it! When I started working here Öhlins was a small company and everyone knew everyone. There was a strong sense of family. Kenth Öhlin, CEO and founder of the company, could come down in the assembly, pulling off his jacket and set out to demolish a shock absorber to check the structure. The company has grown a lot during my time here but I think that there is still a special "Öhlins spirit".

When do you enjoy your work the most?

When we have a lot to do and the conditions to do a good job are there. It's also exciting to be involved in new projects, for example when Öhlins is developing a new product and the assembly team can participate and influence by helping to build a sample product.

What are your thoughts for the future?

I think there is an opportunity for further development through the group leader role and that kind of responsibility involves new challenges.

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