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Johan Jarl

Design Engineer - MTB – RD&E

As team leader for the mountain bike design team, Johan Jarl is involved in the entire process of developing a new product, from design to testing with riders.

Tell us about your work

I work as a design engineer and team leader for the MTB Group. As a design engineer at Öhlins you are likely to be involved in all stages of the process when we develop a new product. Our work includes design, testing and production. Certainly there are opportunities for specialisation depending on your interest, but personally, I appreciate seeing the whole picture!

What is it like to work at Öhlins?

Öhlins is a pretty special place to work. Our products are used all the time in various forms of racing and that's why we always strive to be on top. It's a big challenge but very inspiring! Many of my co-workers are dedicated to the element of competition.

When do you enjoy your work the most?

When a rider using our product wins! To develop products aimed at racing makes you work close to racing teams. You rejoice in their successes but also fight harder in adversity. Working and testing with teams and riders at the highest level is very interesting. At a test you see the results of your work, so it's the ultimate form of feedback and a summary of all your work!

What are your thoughts for the future?

I believe that I can grow both as a designer and as project leader through greater projects and increased responsibility. That is mainly how you evolve at Öhlins, not necessarily through a new job title.

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